How to customise your electric vehicle

How to customise your electric vehicle

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How to customise your electric vehicle

You might think that aftermarket EV modifications are few and far between, but nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve had mass-market electric vehicles for nearly a decade now (thank you Tesla), and all sorts of vendors and brands are cropping up to serve the growing community of owners.

Traditional carmakers are also getting in on the gig. GMC has its Hummer EV, Audi has its eTron line, and there are Tesla competitors, like Polestar, giving the California-based brand a run for its money.

In many cases, the mods on offer are similar to those available via the conventional car market – you know, things that affect the bodywork or external appearance of the vehicle. However, as you might expect, there are some EV-specific options too.

So, what’s out there in terms of modifications? Let’s take a look.

Give it a protective coating

Experts and commentators widely agree that EVs are likely to last longer than conventional ICE vehicles. For motorists, that’s great news: less depreciation. But it also means that they need more protection.

That’s why some aftermarket auto shops are now offering ceramic coatings. These forge a protective barrier that prevents things like road grime, bird droppings or stone chips from wrecking your vehicle’s lovely paintwork.

If you plan on keeping a car for five years, small nuisances like this don’t really matter. But if your EV is going to run for a million miles, it’s worth protecting.

Take care of the windscreen

Many people view modern EVs as smartphones on wheels. They contain so much technology that it feels like that sometimes.

Now, many aftermarket brands, including ElectroVogue, are taking the analogy even further. Just like phone screens, cars can now also get protection for their windscreens in the form of transparent films.

These films provide several benefits. First, they offer an extra layer of protection against hail, snow and rain.

Second, they come with in-built UV filtering. This feature not only protects drivers but also the windscreen material itself, stopping it from becoming brittle or worn out.

Lastly, these films may also protect EV windscreens from shock damage. Their special polyurethane construction reduces impact and assists the windscreen in springing back into shape.

Paint the brake callipers

Manufacturers aren’t quite sure how to style electric vehicles at the moment. Currently, they seem to be taking cues from Apple computers, offering slick, streamlined vehicles that look like they’re straight out of Bladerunner.

But these aren’t to the taste of all motorists. Some of us want our vehicles to have classic racing themes.

That’s where brake calliper painting comes in. The way it works is actually quite simple. The mechanic first removes the brake assembly from the wheel. They then cover all parts of it in protective sheeting, except the calliper body. Using state-of-the-art equipment, they then spray it with a colour of your choosing, totally changing how the unit looks. They then add custom effects to make the brakes even more unique. It’s worth considering if you want your EV to have a racing pedigree.

Install aftermarket aerodynamic bodywork

Lastly, while you can’t do much to increase the performance of an EV engine, you can install aftermarket aerodynamic bodywork that makes the vehicle handle better in the corners.

Already, there are some options available. Drivers, for instance, can now modify their Teslas with spoilers at the rear and reimagined air intakes at the front end.

While the engine itself won’t benefit much from the extra cooling (unlike ICE vehicles), the additional stability at the front end can help make the car more predictable in corners.

The bottom line

In summary, electric car modifications in London are going mainstream. EV customisation is a hot new trend – and as the market grows, it’s only going to get better.

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