Parking places where paint protection is essential

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Parking places where paint protection is essential

Modern electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla now create sleek car designs using innovative technology that turn heads as they take to UK roads. Advanced technology and enhanced style come with a higher price tag, however, making EVs a significant investment on the part of their owners. It’s therefore understood that most EV drivers are keen to keep the appearance of their car as perfect as possible.

To promote beautiful paintwork, a range of built-for-purpose services are available from specialists in EV customisation. Electric car paint protection seals EV paint with a non-invasive process involving a thin film being applied to the vehicle exterior. Invisible to the naked eye, this protective film can defend paintwork against chips and scuffs and other minor damage encountered when parking.

Research from consumer choice site Which? discovered that one-third of British drivers experienced a ding when parked. In the next sections, we’ll look at some other parking places around the UK where a paint protection solution can be a useful solution to ensure your EV stays looking at its best.

At the supermarket

The Which? report found that cars were twice as likely to lose parts of the paint by getting hit when stationary in a supermarket parking area. At weekends supermarket car parks become packed, and distracted drivers often open car doors into adjacent vehicles. Uneven car park surfaces also cause shopping trolleys to roll and hit parked cars.

Using multi-storey car parks

Parking in a multi-storey car park can be dangerous to EV paintwork for many reasons. While the damage caused by other motorists is a significant risk, the limited space in these facilities is also an issue. Constructed so that the maximum capacity can be used, multi-storey car parks mean drivers must make tight corners to reach their different levels. Additionally, obstacles must be avoided on site. Supporting concrete pillars can scrap paintwork and bollards designed to block access to areas can scuff the sides of cars.

Parking on main roads

You might be on a shopping trip in the town centre, navigating the school run or hooking up with friends and family members for a coffee and a catch-up, but sometimes it might be necessary to park your EV on main roads. Unfortunately, other vehicles speeding past often kick up grit and other debris, pelting the sides of cars parked by the roadside. Parking your EV on non-residential roads after dark can also put them at risk from acts of vandalism and other types of anti-social behaviour.

Parking beneath trees

Parking underneath the shade of trees might seem harmless enough and even provide shade from the sun, but this choice presents significant threats to a vehicle. On days with strong winds, loose twigs and branches can drop onto your EV scratching up your paintwork. However, the creatures who call these trees home present a risk as well. Bird droppings are incredibly acidic and can have pH ratings of anywhere between 3.5 to 4.5. As a result, they can sometimes burn right through an EV’s paint.

Experts in paint protection

Along with ruining the aesthetic appeal of your ride, damaged paintwork can be physically detrimental to your electric car. When the paint is scratched it can allow moisture to reach the steel carapace of your car allowing rust to take root.

If you have concerns about protecting your car’s paintwork or windscreen from damage around London, at Electrovogue, we can help. We offer a wide range of specialist services that can wrap your car in the latest protective films. Get in touch with our dedicated team of experts today and safeguard your EV.

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